Book club, History & Philosophy/Cosmology groups,

& Life Drawing Classes

"Maintaining Tradition & Current Discourse"

We believe our role to be valuable insofar as we feel it is necessary,
particularly today, to esteem our Tradition & Forefathers. Our inherited
canon of & Literature & Philosophy is certainly not a dead, stale thing
but is, in fact, the most meaningful, contemporary & truly contentful 
Reality, as the Present is "in" & part of our Tradition

This outlook, we believe, can help to maintain some equilibrium in
human consciousness in this potentially disruptive period of rapid change.

Often too much reliance on over-extended technology can weaken
our mental discrimination which can then blind us to the dangers
of being seduced by materialism or partial & even dubious information .

We have a wide, eclectic outlook regarding content & media ;
however we have a particular interest in Leading edge & " Borderline"
Science & Philosophical Thought & how they are often reflected in
the Perennial Wisdom Traditions and the Classical Humanities
(however , we are not averse to dollops of humour & socialising !)

our Educational programmme & Community Projects
Life Drawing classes, Drama + Rehearsal facilities,
Book clubs & Readings , Philosophy, Cosmology & History Groups